Thursday, September 18, 2008

The duck has left the pond!

I had an appointment with Jaffe yesterday and she did another ultrasound.  I could not see the screen this time so I have to take her word for it but she said that the duck is gone.  YEAH!!!!  Jaffe had a nurse and an ultrasound student in the room with her and she was asking them what they were looking at on the screen (that I could not see) and they were not sure, the nurse said a lake (in reference to the pond and duck from last time) and the ultrasound student said she was not sure, so I yelled at "hydrosalpinx".  Jaffe said I was right and the nurse was confused because I could not see the screen.  I told the nurse that I listen to every word that Jaffe says.  So according to Jaffe we have no more wildlife and the pond is "suffering" from some sort of drought because it is shrinking.  I will go back to her in 4 weeks for another scan.  She kept me on the birth control pills hoping that they will help the pond shrink some more.

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Bethany said...


I just saw you comments from my weightloss blog--I never got notified about any comments on that one, so thanks for commenting!!!!

I do talk about Oreos a lot, I realized.

I am SOSOOSOSO glad the duck is gone! I've been praying!