Thursday, September 18, 2008

The duck has left the pond!

I had an appointment with Jaffe yesterday and she did another ultrasound.  I could not see the screen this time so I have to take her word for it but she said that the duck is gone.  YEAH!!!!  Jaffe had a nurse and an ultrasound student in the room with her and she was asking them what they were looking at on the screen (that I could not see) and they were not sure, the nurse said a lake (in reference to the pond and duck from last time) and the ultrasound student said she was not sure, so I yelled at "hydrosalpinx".  Jaffe said I was right and the nurse was confused because I could not see the screen.  I told the nurse that I listen to every word that Jaffe says.  So according to Jaffe we have no more wildlife and the pond is "suffering" from some sort of drought because it is shrinking.  I will go back to her in 4 weeks for another scan.  She kept me on the birth control pills hoping that they will help the pond shrink some more.


On September 6th, Garrett and I were able to attend the UCF/USF football game.  We received tickets from Jennifer's Aunt Sandy.  These were not just any tickets and they came with a parking pass.  We got to drive up and park right at the stadium and our tickets were in the club seating section.  We took an elevator to our seats and they were the nice seats with backs and cup holders (not the aluminum stadium seats).  We felt very special.  We had a great time but had to leave in the beginning of the fourth quarter (Garrett was preaching at Zephyr the next day and we had to leave the house by 7:00 am) so we did not get to see UCF come back and tie it up  and go into overtime.  UCF ended up losing, but they put up a decent fight.  The fans were having a good time.  At one point they played some music and everyone started bouncing up and down, the whole place was shaking and the lady behind us said that they had not reinforced our section yet.  GREAT!!!!!!  It was fun!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Couch Potato

My most favorite place to be is on that couch! Whether it is taking a nap or watching something on the television, I LOVE "getting on the couch". You can imagine my surprise when I got the idea for running a 5K. I am not sure where it came from but I found the directions for the Couch Potato to 5K on the Internet and Garrett and I decided it would be a start to getting ourselves in shape. It takes a couch potato (ME!!) and starts them on a journey to run a 5K. I got really excited and for my birthday asked for running shoes and workout clothes. So we had all of the gear and started on our journey on Wednesday (9/3/08). The 1st week is suppose to be easy, a 5 minute brisk walk then alternating 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking for a total of 20 minutes. Well, we could say that I am totally out of shape. I was in pain. Friday came and about 15 minutes into our walking/running I thought I might die. I made it but it was really bad. Then Monday comes around, I did not even try to run, Chief and I walked the entire time while Garrett & Luke went ahead of us. It is going to take me much longer than the plan has figured out, but I plan to keep trying and maybe if I can shed a few pounds the running thing will get easier.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a duck in my pond

I had a 7:45 appointment with Jaffe this morning. I fell asleep twice in the exam room before she came in about one hour later (all of you ladies can feel my pain---I was undressed from the waist down and it was freezing cold in the exam room- the only thing I had to cover with was the paper drape across my lap.) Once the exam started I saw the usual- fluid filled tube-my ovary-and then all of a sudden out of no where comes this HUGE cyst with a blob in it. Cysts are normal for me but this one had a life of its own and it had a visitor. Jaffe's exact words were "oh my gosh!!!!!!", not good, not good at all when the doctor has a probe inside of you and is saying "oh my gosh!!!!!!". She said " Oh it looks like you have a duck swimming in your pond", WHAT?? What pond? What duck? What is she talking about????????? She was talking about a Hemorrhagic Cyst. Hemorrhagic cysts occur when a blood vessel in the wall of a cyst breaks, causing blood to enter into the cyst. The nurse asked me if I was in a lot of pain. Thankfully I am not in any more pain than what is normal. So no IVF for us this month, we are obviously not ready. She has put me back on the birth control pills so hopefully no more cysts will grow. I am not sure if it is suppose to try and shrink this "pond" (my cyst with the duck) or not. I will have another scan in 2 to 3 weeks. So, please keep us in your prayers and ask God to take away the pond and the duck!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 8/25-8/31

Monday-Southwest Lasagna Rolls- 1st time recipe, I'll let you know.
Garrett really liked these- I thought they were O.K.
Tuesday-Frozen dinner of some sort- I have Bible Study on Tuesday nights and I am always eating as I am running out of the door, so I decided on something simple.
Wednesday-Skillet Pork Chops with Potatoes and Onions-Yummy!
Thursday-Smothered Steak and Peppers with Jasmine Rice
Friday-Baked Ziti

I don't have anything planned for Saturday or Sunday yet!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Plan Tuesday (oops!) Week of 8/18/08

Monday-Having dinner with Joe & Ilene Johnston at their house-they made lamb burgers in pita pockets with a sauce of feta cheese/tomatoes/onions--they were very good. They also served chocolate cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday.

Tuesday-Carie's birthday-Tropical Storm Fay has postponed all birthday celebrations so my wonderful husband has made chocolate chip pancakes (my favorite) for breakfast, and grilled Italian sandwiches for lunch. The plan for dinner is empanadas and yellow rice!

Wednesday-Pork steaks-asparagus-parsley potatoes-sliced tomatoes

Thursday-Grilled Italian sandwiches

Friday-Ravioli with meatballs-salad-garlic bread--this will be another birthday dinner that we will be sharing with our good friends Jerry, Tina, & Paige Landis, Margarito, & Cathy Landers.

That is all I have for now!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing him

Garrett is at Lincoln for a class and I am missing him. I just could not stop crying when he was getting out of the car on Tuesday morning at the airport. Here are my excuses (as if I need them-it is totally okay just to miss your loving husband): (1) I hate being away from him, (2) I really believe this IVF stuff is playing with my emotions, (3) The job that I have is in jeopardy- the flooring industry is doing really bad right now and we just don't have any work. So in other words---I am a total and complete mess right now!!!!! He will be home on Friday at 12:30 midnight so some of the misery will be over.

So, I just opened an email from him and this is what I got:

I just love him so much!