Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing him

Garrett is at Lincoln for a class and I am missing him. I just could not stop crying when he was getting out of the car on Tuesday morning at the airport. Here are my excuses (as if I need them-it is totally okay just to miss your loving husband): (1) I hate being away from him, (2) I really believe this IVF stuff is playing with my emotions, (3) The job that I have is in jeopardy- the flooring industry is doing really bad right now and we just don't have any work. So in other words---I am a total and complete mess right now!!!!! He will be home on Friday at 12:30 midnight so some of the misery will be over.

So, I just opened an email from him and this is what I got:

I just love him so much!

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Bethany Jett said...

I was going through my old blog, saw a comment from you from 2008 (wow!), and came over to your blog. Loved this post. :)